March 13, 2021 • 10AM

This year’s Women’s Day is entitled “Be The Light” which comes from the scripture in Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world.” Excitingly, this year we have an amazing opportunity to hear a guest speaker all the way from London England, Michele Williamson who is an incredible Women’s Ministry Leader alongside her husband Michael, and her two children Michael Jr., and Mia.  We will also feature heart moving testimonials from four dynamic women, and heart moving musical performances.



What They Say

Women’s Day’s have  always impacted me, especially hearing the vulnerable sharing of women’s testimonies. To see women be so real and vulnerable in front of everyone as they show how they’ve overcome helps me see that I am not alone. I’m inspired to talk to other women about the things I go through and believe that I can over come through God. This is something you don’t want to miss ! 

“O.M.G. Women’s Day is the bomb! Me and my girl Monisha came out with my aunty after she kept inviting me over and over again. I was not prepared for what I experienced! Singers were banging, the dance was professional, and the main speaker blew my mind. I felt as if she was talking directly to me! And the women there were so nice and friendly. 10/10 would definitely go again!”

“I was on the brink of just giving up and I had no hope. I came in broken and depressed contemplating if I wanted to go on with life anymore.  There was a woman speaking named Sonya and it sounded like she knew me. She gave me hope with her powerful testimony, and I actually got to speak with her in length. She invited me to study the bible, and I left Women’s Day filled with hope. Thank you so much!”

“From my very first Women’s Day, I was very impacted. A sister, Wendy Lopez, shared her story about her battle with having Lupus. Exactly around that time my mother had just passed away from Lupus. Wendy’s story was so enlightening and it encouraged me to being around women from different walks of life. Definitely an event you don’t want to miss. “

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