Staff Resources

The information on this page is for City of Angels ICC staff only. Please get approval through your region or sector leader for access. 

General Expense Reimbursement (GE)

This form is used to request a reimbursement for any approved ministry expenses

How to complete this form:

  1. In general, before making any purchases, they need to be pre-approved by Tim Kernan.
  2. The form needs to be filled out accurately & printed on an 8 ½” by 11” page (full page view). If not, it will be returned to you. 
  3. All of the receipts need to be taped to the back of the page (add more pages if necessary) or put in an envelope and stapled to the sheet.
  4. Need to have the requestor’s signature
  5. Ministry Approval’s Signature:


    • If the expense is pre-approved (invites, staff meeting breakfast, etc.), have Nick Economo sign off on it
    • If one-off expense, please have Tim Kernan sign off.
    • If one of the signatures is missing, the form will be returned to you as incomplete.
  6. To receive a check on Tuesday, the form needs to be submitted by midnight on Sunday to
    • When the physical form is submitted on Tuesday, it will take one-week turn-around time for the check to be processed.

If you need training with filling out the form Please reach out to