Staff Resources

The information on this page is for City of Angels ICC staff only. Please get approval through your region or sector leader for access. 

Staff Monthly Reimbursements – Professional Ministry Expense (PME)

  1.  This form should be submitted within 30 days after the end of the stated month on the form. (For example, costs incurred in March should be submitted by April 30th.)
  2.  The form needs to be filled out accurately and be typed. If not, it will be returned to you. 

If you need assistance with filling out the form, please reach out to Talishia Burton (

  1.  Please write down the Month & Year of the PME you are submitting.
  2.  Enter your specific Reimbursement Cap on the front page. 
  3.  Monthly Cell Phone expenses go directly on the front page, all other formulas are linked.
  4.  Mileage Page: You need to include your total mileage for each reimbursable trip. The 2022 IRS Mileage rate is $.625/mile and is located on the Summary Page. The mileage record needs to include the following to comply with IRS requirements: 1) Date, 2) Destination, 3) Purpose of trip, 4) Total mileage.  
  5.  Please include any parking and toll expenses in the column next to the associated trip. 
  6.  Meals & Entertainment Page: All the columns need to be filled in for this to be reimbursable.
  7.  All of the receipts need to be attached to the email. Descriptions should be written on the receipts to help decipher appropriate expenses. 
  8. Need to have the requestor’s full name.
  9. To receive a reimbursement, these forms need to be submitted by midnight on Sunday to
  10. Turnaround Time for Reimbursements: We strive to turn around reimbursements within 1 week of their submission to

Here are examples of expenses that CAN be included as PME:

  • Meals (reasonable) that have a ministry purpose such as Bible study or discipling time; the same person cannot be provided a meal more than twice in one month. 
  • Mileage, tolls, and parking; the church will reimburse mileage (.585/mile for 2022), but not actual maintenance and fuel costs.
  • Mobile phone bill including device payment plan.
  • Other miscellaneous expenses such as office supplies or business cards.

Here are some examples of expenses that CANNOT be reimbursed as business expenses per the IRS:

  • Dry cleaning (only allowed as a travel expense)
  • Entertainment (movie theater, amusement park, games, shows)
  • Clothing, coats, umbrellas
  • Toiletries for travel
  • Rent, utilities, insurance
  • Expenses for children of ministry staff
  • Vehicle repairs and maintenance
  • Gifts of a personal nature