First of all: Congratulations on choosing to commit to completing Chemical Recovery (CR)!  The following are the instructions for completing a CR Journal.  It is suggested that all participants block out at least 4 hours in their schedule the first time they are writing.  Try to get it all written in one sitting.

Journal Guidelines

Write a handwritten, chronological account of EVERY TIME (whether large or small, significant or insignificant) you can remember using alcohol and/or drugs (feel free to include nicotine) from the first time you drank or used to the very last time you used.  (Do not purposely leave anything out that you remember.)

The journal must be written in the following format.

  1. What substance (s) did you use?
  2. What happened? ( The aftermath of your choice to use.)
  3. How did you feel?  (Use one or two feeling words.)

All three elements must be present for each journal entry.

EXAMPLE:  LSD,  I laughed uncontrollably for several hours. I went home and my step-mom suspected me of being on marijuana.  I confessed, that my friend gave me LSD.  My step-mom’s eyes got wide and she sent me to my room.  My father said that he was upset that I disobeyed him   He grounded me until I completed a 10 page report on Drugs and their effects.  My Step-mom called my friend’s mom and he was questioned by his parents about it.  My friend called me stupid and my other friends laughed at me for telling the truth.  I felt frustrated and ashamed.

If you get stuck or are unsure whether you should add an entry, contact your CR Leader for help.

You MUST come to every group meeting with your completed journal or you may be asked to leave.