The Chemical Recovery Ministry
Do I need CR?

Here are fifteen questions compiled by the Chemical Recovery Ministry. The questions are designed as an aid to help a person determine if they, or someone they know could benefit from attending a Chemical Recovery group. Read through the list and answer either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to each question. These questions can be applied both to events prior and after becoming a Christian.

  1. Have you ever stopped drinking or using another drug and wanted more?
    2. Have you ever had something to drink at a social occasion and then stopped somewhere on your way home to have more or had more when you got home?
    3. Have you ever driven after you have had more than you should to drink?
    4. Do you ever drink alone?
    5. Does drinking ever cause you to have a desire to use other drugs?
    6. Do you ever drink to deal with your feelings?
    7. Do you ever think about drinking or using other drugs when you’re not using?
    8. Have you ever drunk more than you should, or have you ever used more prescription or over the counter medication that you should?
    9. Have you ever decided to limit your drinking?
    10. Have you ever gone over that limit?
    11. Have you ever decided to quit, and then returned to drinking or using?
    12. Has your spouse or close friend ever expressed concern about your drinking?
    13. Have you ever been dishonest or tempted to be dishonest about how much you have had to drink?
    14. Have you ever felt guilty because you had too much to drink or abused prescription or over the counter medication and did not tell anyone?
    15. If you could never drink again after tonight would you feel either angry or afraid?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to three or more of these questions, you could greatly benefit from attending a chemical recovery group. Please contact your local CR leader or speak with your evangelist.